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Without fins...

it's just a floating balloon

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is not right...

designs don't always work as intended

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look around...

Fins are everywhere

Why Forward Fins?

Fins are found in human and nature’s most elaborate creations. Designed to enhance stability, control, and efficiency, they streamline the motion and operation of the finned element. Fins allow their beholder to have greater agility to maneuver through tough conditions, and maintain the right course to reach their target.
Through our services, we help our clients acquire new fins, or re-calibrate their existing, enabling their project or business to take a leap forward, becoming more agile and resilient, in an ever more competitive market.

Streamlined Planning

The first phase of any project is planning. That’s why a well spent effort in the planning phase ensures smooth sailing through the subsequent phases. As you set the goals and requirements for your project, it is the best time to consider all the possible design options before going down a certain path…more

Streamlined Design

Not all design processes are equal, even if they are trying to reach the same project objectives. When you are aiming for high-performance, integrated efficiency, and true green credentials, alternative design methods are required, with expert teams using advanced simulation and design tools.…more

Streamlined Operation

With operations comes great responsibility. However, as operations teams are busy on the ground, there is seldom time to step back and see the big picture, or notice the inefficiencies from slow creeping changes. No matter the resources at hand there is always room for improvement. Our streamlined …more

Sustainability is an ancient concept

Sustainability is not a new concept; it has been around since ancient times. In fact, renewable energy is the oldest kind of energy in History, the first kind of energy that mankind has been able to control. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Mayans and other civilizations have used green designs for their homes and cities to maximize the use of natural resources like sun, wind, and rain.

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