Lead energy consultant and on-site engineer for an EU funded “SUDEP” (Sustainable Energy Demonstration Projects) project that aims to support the local authority in the Ardeh village by promoting and implementing sustainable development actions to optimize energy use both at the public and household levels. The one million euro (€1M) project targeted the local authority and local community consisting of 4,000 individuals with a focus on underprivileged groups through different activities including: developing a sustainable energy strategy for the community, establishing new construction policies to promote energy efficiency, implementing infrastructure upgrades including LED street lights and PV stations, issuing an energy-efficient design guide for the new municipal building, conducting awareness sessions on residential energy efficiency, and implementing residential energy improvement projects.

Sector:Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure
Location:Ardeh, North Lebanon
Design Engineer:N/A
Client:RMF & Ardeh Municipality
Utility Cost Savings:$ 95,000
Energy Savings:870 MWh
Carbon Savings:620 Tons
Green Certificate:N/A
Renewable Tech:Photovoltaic, Solar thermal
Green Features:Energy Strategy, LED street lights, low-flow water accessories, weatherization
Modeling Tools:N/A
Services provided
Implementation & Oversight
Renewable Technologies Feasibility
Sustainable Master-Planning
High Performance Building Design
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