Dubai Waterfront

Lead energy consultant and on-site engineer for a 1.4-billion sq.ft mixed-use resort development that includes 250 master-planned communities expected to house 1.5 million people upon completion. Worked on the energy strategy and design guidelines to assist the client in building the Low Carbon City, and provided advice across a range of sectors including energy, water, waste, transport and urban planning.
[This project was completed under Arup]

Location:Dubai, UAE
Utility Cost Savings:N/A
Energy Savings:N/A
Carbon Savings:N/A
Green Certificate:LEED, BREAM, Estidama
Renewable Tech:Photovoltaic; Solar Thermal; Wind Turbines; Geothermal; Hydro; Waste to energy
Green Features:Optimized Architecture; Advanced building controls; Ultra efficiency HVAC; Advanced building materials; Resource Recycling; Tri-generation
Modeling Tools:Design Builder; Custom Tools
Services provided
HVAC systems assessment
Renewable Technologies Feasibility
Life Cycle Economic Evaluation
Sustainable Master-Planning
High Performance Building Design
Energy Modeling & Design Advice
Central Plant Design Optimization
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