Leona Drive Residence

Lead energy consultant for a 3,000m2 single family residence which includes preservation gallery environments with tight temperature and humidity control. This project included a detailed energy and life cycle cost analysis to verify the suitability of various cutting edge renewable technologies, including Photovoltaic, micro wind, and solar thermal, with the aim of reducing energy usage and maintaining resilience for the building systems.
[This project was completed under Arup]

Location:Beverly Hills, USA
Architect:Michael Maltzan Architets
Design Engineer:Arup
Client:Michael Ovitz
Utility Cost Savings:N/A
Energy Savings:N/A
Carbon Savings:N/A
Green Certificate:N/A
Renewable Tech:Photovoltaic; Solar Thermal
Green Features:Optimized Architecture; Advanced building controls; Optimized HVAC
Modeling Tools:TRACE 700; Custom Tools
Services provided
HVAC systems assessment
Renewable Technologies Feasibility
Life Cycle Economic Evaluation
Energy Modeling & Design Advice
Mechanical Design in 3D with BIM
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