National Flour Mills

Prime energy consultant for one of the largest flour mills in Lebanon, consisting of two mills having a total capacity of 9,000 tons per month, in addition to large storage silos and hangars for loading and off-loading, covering a total area of around 18,000 sqm. The consultancy included conducting an energy assessment and audit of the milling plant and identifying facility improvement and resource conservation measures (FIMs & RCMs). In addition to establishing a roadmap for the plant’s energy efficiency that includes a strategy for the implementation of the identified measures, and defining key performance indicators to track the facility’s energy consumption and efficiency. The energy audit identified savings of around 20% of the plants yearly utility costs, with simple payback of less than 3 years.

Location:Bahsas, Lebanon
Design Engineer:N/A
Client:NFM (Al Ghurair)
Utility Cost Savings:$ 90,000 / year
Energy Savings:550 MWh
Carbon Savings:478 Tons
Green Certificate:N/A
Renewable Tech:N/A
Green Features:Optimized operation & maintenance
Modeling Tools:Custom Tools
Services provided
Facility Assessment & Energy Audit
Process & Maintenance Optimization
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