Red Sea Astrarium

The Astrarium is a planned 184 acre entertainment resort and virtual reality theme park showcasing the rich cultural history and future of Jordan and the Middle East. Situated on a soaring plateau close to the Port City of Aqaba, the park includes four hotels, an entertainment district, a man-made saltwater lagoon, and two waterfront areas, one anchored by a ‘Star Trek’ themed attraction.
As part of the energy strategy and master planning team, the wok focused on making the development as self sufficient as possible in terms of water, energy, and waste. The Astrarium’s energy strategy seeks to minimize demand through best-practice measures and building design, optimize energy production through the use of ultra-efficient central plant with tri-generation, and maximise the use of on-site renewable energy.

Sector:Sports & Leisure
Location:Aqaba, Jordan
Design Engineer:Arup
Utility Cost Savings:N/A
Energy Savings:15-20%
Carbon Savings:N/A
Green Certificate:N/A
Renewable Tech:Photovoltaic Solar Thermal Wind Turbines Geothermal Hydro Waste to energy
Green Features:Optimized Architecture Ultra efficiency HVAC Advanced building materials Resource recycling Tri-generation
Modeling Tools:eQUEST
Services provided
HVAC systems assessment
Renewable Technologies Feasibility
Sustainable Master-Planning
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