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Lead energy consultant and on-site engineer for an EU funded “SUDEP” (Sustainable Energy Demonstration Projects) project that aims to support the local authority in the Ardeh village by promoting and implementing sustainable development actions to optimize energy use both at the public and household levels. The one million euro (€1M) project targeted the local authority […]

Tower Forty Four

Prime energy consultant for this high-rise mixed-use building seeking LEED-CS certification located in Sin el Fil, Lebanon. The tower is among the tallest buildings in Lebanon, and consists of 44 floors and 3 basements with over 50,000 sqm of leasable space, and features ample outdoor green areas. The project is seeking LEED Silver certification. The […]

Beirut 700

Main LEED energy consultant conducting a preliminary assessment to evaluate the potential of the project in achieving LEED NC targets. Work included a high-level energy modeling of the building, and a system evaluation to predict the impact of meeting the LEED requirements on the various building system’s such as HVAC, envelope and lighting.

District/S (Saifi Modern)

Prime energy consultant for this high-end residential development that includes 22 buildings located in the heart of Beirut’s elegant Saifi district. The project was designed with ample green space and street level retail to create a warm and inviting community feel throughout. It is seeking to be the first LEED-ND certified project in Lebanon. The […]

Dubai Waterfront

Lead energy consultant and on-site engineer for a 1.4-billion sq.ft mixed-use resort development that includes 250 master-planned communities expected to house 1.5 million people upon completion. Worked on the energy strategy and design guidelines to assist the client in building the Low Carbon City, and provided advice across a range of sectors including energy, water, […]

Leona Drive Residence

Lead energy consultant for a 3,000m2 single family residence which includes preservation gallery environments with tight temperature and humidity control. This project included a detailed energy and life cycle cost analysis to verify the suitability of various cutting edge renewable technologies, including Photovoltaic, micro wind, and solar thermal, with the aim of reducing energy usage […]
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