Las Salinas Beach Resort

Prime energy consultant for the luxury beach resort that includes in addition to the private residences and cabins, a health club and spa, multiple restaurants, extensive indoor and outdoor areas, and multiple swimming pools, covering and are of 50,000 sqm. The consultancy included conducting an energy assessment and audit of the entire resort and identifying facility improvement and resource conservation measures (FIMs & RCMs). In addition to assisting with the selection and procurement of equipment and overseeing the retrofits work. The energy audit identified savings in excess of 30% of the yearly utility costs.

Sector:Sports & Leisure
Location:Enfeh, Lebanon
Design Engineer:N/A
Client:Las Salinas Beach Resort
Utility Cost Savings:$ 130,000 / year
Energy Savings:490 MWh & 9,900 therms / year
Carbon Savings:94.1 Tons / year
Green Certificate:N/A
Renewable Tech:Photovoltaic; Solar Thermal
Green Features:Advanced building controls; Optimized HVAC; High efficacy lighting
Modeling Tools:Custom Tools
Services provided
Facility Assessment & Energy Audit
Process & Maintenance Optimization
Corporate Sustainability
Implementation & Oversight
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