Facility Assessment & Energy Audit

The facility assessment and energy audit process will allow you to find system and operation inefficiencies in your building that are wasting your money down the drain. Some of these inefficiencies are remedied with no/low-cost measures, almost like finding money in your old trouser pocket. This “free” money that you save can be used to finance the longer-payback measures, capital improvement projects, or just to reduce your overhead.

Energy audits are a term that most building owners and facility managers are familiar with nowadays, and many companies are offering. However, not all audits produce the same quality results, and unfortunately most clients may not be able to tell the qualified energy auditors from the novices.
A poorly conducted audit can lead to wasted saving opportunities, wasted money on measures that under-perform, wasted unnecessary capital expenditures, wrong prioritization of measures, and a disappointed client with resentment to energy audits.

Our long track record and AEE-CEM certified team members (Association of Energy Engineers: Certified Energy Manager) can ensure you get the high quality audit work your facility deserves.
Whether you’re opting for a preliminary assessment, a detailed energy audit, or anything in between tailored to meet your needs, the facility assessment & energy audit service will provide a team of experienced and certified auditors, a vendor and solution-neutral audit, and a solid plan of action to save money.

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