LEED Energy Consulting

If you embark on your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) journey with a strong stance in “Energy”, you will have greater potential for succeeding and reaching higher certification levels. With more than 30% of the overall credit points attainable under the energy performance of the building, it is the most rewarding aspect of the design for LEED points. Unfortunately, it is too often overlooked.

A good energy performance doesn’t only depend on the mechanical equipment you select, but on many different factors including the building architecture, construction materials, energy procurement, fine tuning of mechanical systems…etc. Having your energy consultant on-board as early as possible in the design is crucial for succeeding in the energy performance field.
Starting with design charettes, energy modeling, drawing and specification reviews, and ending with credits submittal and follow up, our LEED APs ensure your valuable energy credits are on the right track from the start.

Similar to LEED, your BREAM, Estidama, and other energy and environmental certification projects can benefit from the same energy consulting and modeling services.

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