Life Cycle Economic Evaluation

When you’re seeking the best system for your project, the answer is not always straight forward, and picking the alternative with the highest efficiency or lowest capital cost is often not the ideal solution.

Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is a tool used to determine the most cost-effective option among different competing alternatives to accomplish a design objective, when each is equally appropriate to be implemented on technical grounds. In other words, once the assessment and feasibility study filter the various potential systems or designs a project could use, the LCCA will help you determine the best from a total-lifetime financial standpoint.
Capable of being more or less detailed, the LCCA considers criteria such as capital cost, interest rates, operating costs, utility cost escalation, maintenance costs, equipment life span, replacement costs…etc.

Whether you’re trying to select a façade design, an envelope material, HVAC equipment, or lighting systems, the Life Cycle Economic Evaluation service will empower you to make the best alternative to satisfy your criteria.

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