Process & Maintenance Optimization

The way a facility is operated and maintained has a great impact not only on equipment life and performance, but also on the energy bill. There is more than one way to accomplish a task, but not all are equally efficient. Even if a process has been designed to be efficient, through time, changes of surrounding conditions, alterations to various system elements, or just obsoleted technology, a process can be rendered inefficient.

Starting with re-establishing the process objectives, each and every element is inspected, tweaked, upgraded, and synchronized to insure the whole is optimized to meet those objectives. Maintenance is a process in itself, and can benefit from the same optimization sequence. Because every facility is different, the same maintenance procedures and schedules cannot be used across the board. Hence the benefit of analyzing your existing maintenance process to identify the potential for improvement, knowing that poorly maintained equipment has a great effect on performance and efficiency,
Whether through re-organizing the elements, upgrading the controls, or rescheduling the tasks, the process & maintenance optimizations service offers you a tool to minimize your costs while maximizing your throughput.

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