Renewable Technologies Feasibility

Renewable energy technologies like photovoltaic, wind turbines, solar thermal, geothermal, and biomass among others, are well known by many. However the question is always which technology is best for your project and your goals, is there more than one option, and where do you start.
We always start with an initial screening process that reviews all possible technology options and narrows down the list to technologies feasible for the project. This screening looks at the available resources, potential constraints and risks, expected cost savings, and utility incentives available.

The next step is a detailed review of the technical feasibility and economic viability of each renewable energy technology that passed the screening. This study can determine which combination of renewable energy technologies most effectively meets your project’s energy requirements and goals.

The detailed study gets into specifics to choose technologies and options within a technology type to best reach the project goals, such as the scale of wind turbine, the type of solar thermal systems, whether to use storage or not, and which brand offers the better selection.

Whether you choose to go with an initial screening process, or take the next step to a full feasibility study, this is the best way to start when you are considering renewable technologies for your project. This renewable energy assessment should be completed as early as possible in the design process to ensure proper integration.

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