Central Plant Design Optimization

When dealing with medium to large scale projects, sometimes as large as an entire city, central utility plants (CUP) are the vital heart for the operation of all the facilities. Supplying the buildings with electricity, water, heating, and cooling, they are the largest energy consumer, but have the potential for the most energy savings if designed and optimized properly.

All the utilities supplied by the CUP have a common denominator: “energy”. As such, an optimal design approach requires that all the utilities are looked at holistically, identifying the potential interconnections between all the different supply chains, and finding the optimum balance that meets the facilities demand.

With energy and resource costs on an increase trend, designing a less than optimal central utility plant will lead to significant waste of energy and costs that are difficult and expensive to remedy after the fact. This highlights the importance of taking the right approach from the beginning, and opting for the central plant design optimization service.

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