Energy Modeling & Design Advice

With many software tools available to simulate the energy performance of a building, energy modeling should not be limited to projects seeking green certifications. Energy modeling offers you a way to assess different design concepts and systems for your project, without having to build it, try it, and wait for your next project to improve on it.

The energy modeling and design advice will help you test almost everything that goes into your building design including architectural concepts, orientation variations, envelope materials, glazing types, façade concepts, shading systems, HVAC systems, lighting systems, and building controls…etc. After evaluating and comparing the performance of the different design options, it is easy to select the one that best fits your project.
Preliminary energy modeling during the schematic phase will enable early feedback to the design team on the performance of the various design options, allowing the design to go down the right path from the start. Detailed modeling in later design stages will focus on selecting the best system within the chosen design option, and tweaking the various systems and elements to obtain the best performance.

The energy modeling and design advice offers you a way to see into the future and know how your facility will perform, at a fraction of the cost of trial and error, and with substantial savings potential.

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