Mechanical Design in 3D with BIM

In a time where Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D drawing design has become the standard for leading design firms, demanding clients, and large projects; some designs are still being done the old fashion way. It’s like sending a letter through the post office when you can video conference, missing out on speed, unlimited interaction, real-time coordination, and continuous on the spot feedback…etc.

Using the latest tools for 3D design and BIM allows for an integrated design approach, making complex designs easier to communicate and document, enabling better coordination between the different disciplines, detecting clashes early on, and facilitating construction with ample documentation details. Additional advantages include helping with load calculations, quantity surveying, energy modeling, and project visualization among others.

Whether you’re looking for a 3D and BIM design, or just and efficient code compliant design, the mechanical design service combines our wide range of project experiences with cutting edge design tools, to offer you a streamlined design process.

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