Sustainable Master-Planning

Whether it’s a house, a building, a campus, or a city block, every project starts with planning and rough objectives. At this stage we usually capture the client’s vision and goals, and through a series of workshops, brainstorming sessions, and back and forth discussions, we establish a general path and guidelines to accomplish this vision.
Using a multitude of mainstream and customized tools, the sustainable master-planning process involves research, analysis, and evaluation. It includes weather and site analysis, key performance indicators selection, technology identification and evaluation, design alternatives prioritization, and energy flow diagrams among others.
The process is a collaborative interaction with the architect, the design team, and the client, and will set the course early on in the schematic phase to ensure everyone is on-board and heading in the same right direction.

Through workshops, recommendation reports, energy strategies, or full design guidelines, the sustainable master-planning service offers you the best way to start a project with high-performance goals in social, economic and environmental impacts.

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